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We are passionate about the creativity and fun that is derived by helping our customers create their own Custom Lucchese Classics Boots.  Lucchese Classics Boots are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship in El Paso, Texas.  Custom Made in the USA.  

Generally our focus is on major league baseball players and their friends and family.  For almost 10 years Mike The Boot Guy has been selling ballplayers boots that uniquely represent them and their style.  

We have assisted in the making of boots for MLB Hall of Famers, Cy Young winners, multiple World Series Champions and World Series MVP's, as well as batting title winners and front office staff.  We also have been known to assist some folks in country music with their Custom Lucchese Classics Boots as well.

We can assist in the design of Custom Lucchese Classics Boots for all types of reasons:

  • Ranch Logos
  • Personal Logos
  • Initials
  • Uniform numbers
  • Wedding party gifts
  • Gifts for support staff / group
  • Thank you's for staff and coaches


And yes, Mike The Boot Guy is a real guy!  Mike Ray is a cowboy at heart but was raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area where he still resides and is headquarters to Mike The Boot Guy.  The story goes that after selling boots to multiple players with the hometown Boston Red Sox he became known around Fenway Park as "Mike the boot guy".  



Please email or text 978.828.1555 with any questions.